How do we intervene?

Our technical office

  1. analyzes the plant design and the acceptability specifications of each fluid;
  2. proceeds with the design of all the provisional circuits necessary to ensure that the flushing activities are carried out with less time and lower cost;
  3. prepares technical bills, the machinery, the fittings, the filters and whatever else needed specifically for the intended task;
  4. prepares detail drawings, sketches and bills of materials necessary for the assembly of the new hydraulic plants.

Our workshop

  1. builds piping/ skids and other parts, which are prefabricated for the assembly of new plants;
  2. tests and reconditions all our machines and our equipment when they return from each site, in order to guarantee the best efficiency at the time of delivery for other assignements;
  3. prepare all the machines and the material according to the instructions of our technical office. Containers are prepared for each specific order with the necessary items;
  4. performs machine flushing operations on skid and prefabricated piping.

Technicians on site and operators on new plants

perform the erection of the new plants on site.

On site technicians flushing

  1. carry out all the preparation activities necessary for the provisional circuit of the plants;
  2. perform all the flushing by monitoring the machinery and the results obtained 24 hours a day;
  3. proceed to field analysis with our laboratory that we install oneach site;
  4. produce the appropriate reports certifying formally how much they need, in order to obtain the correct class of contamination foreseen by the specifications of the lines,